Dress Code

It is the member’s responsibility to communicate to their guests the Dallas Petroleum Club’s dress code.

Business Casual

The minimum standard required at the Dallas Petroleum Club is Business Casual, day and night, including weekends. Business Casual is required on all floors.


Collared shirt ( including polo shirt ) tucked in, slacks ( or khakis ) and closed toe leather dress shoes or deck shoes or equivalent military or public agency uniform. Turtleneck and mockturtleneck shirts are allowed.


Dress, skirt, pantsuit or slacks and blouse, sweater or top and dress shoes ( including open or closed - toe shoes, mules, loafer and dressy sandals ) or equivalent military or public agency uniform.

Evening Dining Room Attire

After 5:30 p.m. Business Casual.

Casual Dress

Casual Dress may be worn in the Main Bar and Grille.

Includes denim pants, and collared shirts, provided they are clean, neat, and in keeping with the traditions of good taste and style exhibited at the Dallas Petroleum Club. Collared shirts designed and hemmed to be worn untucked ( square cut, tropical styles, Aloha shirts, etc. ) may be left untucked as part of Casual Dress. Casual Dress shall not include shorts of any kind, tattered or worn blue jeans, or similar outer wear, or t - shirts or sleeveless or non-collared shirts, or traditional dress/sport shirts with shirt-tails left untucked.

Casual Dress is not allowed when utilizing the 39th and 40th floor lounge areas.

As an established policy by the Board of Directors, those who do not comply with the stated dress code may be asked to leave the Club. Determination of the acceptability of Casual Dress shall be made at the sole discretion of the professional staff of the Dallas Petroleum Club.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain the high standards, quality and ambiance of your Dallas Petroleum Club experience.