Cell Phone

The Club acknowledges that mobile phones are integral to everyday life and often enable members and their guests to enjoy their Club with greater frequency and peace of mind, if connected.

However, mobile phones with audible ringers switched on will not be permitted in the Club. You may receive phone calls with no audible ringer If you immediately excuse yourself from the Club’s dining rooms and finish the call in one of the Club’s lobby areas, or in other areas of the Club where land line phones are located. Members are expected to only make or take important calls in the lobbies and land line areas and complete them quickly in a non-disruptive manner. Brief and discreet phone conversations are permitted, in the approved areas, however, long or loud conversations are not. At all times, members must be considerate of other Club patrons.

Retrieving and sending text messages and emails are permissible throughout the Club. Your discretion and courtesy are requested when using your electronic devices.

Members are responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to this policy.